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New problem for Berlin Brandenburg?


Local news media is reporting another problem at the troubled Berlin Brandenburg Airport near Berlin.  They claim that the 750 passenger information display screens in the terminal need to be replaced.  The devices were installed in 2012 ahead of a period of testing and have been switched on ever since.  Many have now failed and most are approaching the end of their useful lives.  This is despite the facility having never handed a flight, and current expectations that it will not open until the later part of 2020 at the earliest.  The reports go on to suggest that some monitors that are still working could be redeployed to Schonefeld and Tegel airports, while new devices will need to be installed throughout at Brandenburg.

Berlin Brandenburg was originally expected to open in October 2011 but the date of its first flight has been pushed back on a number of occasions due to problems with the fire alarms and smoke suppression systems.  Automatic doors were also installed incorrectly, wiring was found to be faulty, and escalators were too short.  Meanwhile the cost of the project has risen from the initial €2bn budget, with the latest estimates ranging from €6-7bn.  A commitment has also been made to significantly upgrade Schonefeld, aimed at ensuring there is sufficient capacity to handle the city’s increasing air traffic while the remaining problems at Brandenburg are resolved.

Picture: Local news reports suggest further problems have arisen at the yet-to-be-opened and much delayed Berlin Brandenburg Airport.  (Wikimedia Commons / Olaf Tausch)

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